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  • How Can Blockchain Technology Boost Your Business Operations?


    | November 25, 2021

    What is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they talk about “blockchain” and its amazing potential? Usually “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency.”

    However, as talked about at various tech events in the U.S., it is so much more than that. If harnessed properly, it can bring speed and efficiency to your daily business operat.... Read More

  • Perfect Your Pitch: How To Impress Investors At The Internet 2.0 Conference


    | November 16, 2021

    With 20+ investors in attendance at our upcoming internet conferences in Dubai and Las Vegas, it’s high time that you brush up your pitching skills if you are hoping to bowl them over with your ideas!

    The Internet 2.0 Conference has limited start-up presentation slots for a few promising start-ups tha.... Read More

  • The Rise Of Cloud Computing


    | November 09, 2021

    There has been quite a flurry with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to disrupt the software and the IT industry. Experts have emphasized enough on its ability to do away with lesser-skilled jobs while ensuring that the industry enters into a new era where machines are a step ahead of humans. Another trend that has emerged paralle.... Read More

  • The Internet 2.0 Conference Is Coming To The City Of Gold!


    | October 28, 2021

    It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the Internet 2.0 Conference will be raising its curtains in 2022 in the beautiful city of Dubai! We are getting ready to welcome hundreds of attendees who will get the opportunity to learn and network with distinguished leaders from top technology companies. This ti.... Read More

  • How Tech Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry


    | October 26, 2021

    We are witnessing a great revolution in the healthcare world primarily due to giant leaps being made in the realms of AI, 3D printing, robotics, ML, and nanotechnology. As discussed at several tech conferences in Dubai, this trend is here to stay. As we slowly step into a post-pandemic world, we will see more collaborations between techno.... Read More