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At the Internet 2.0 Conference, we explore how digital transformation can create business value, tackle unique challenges, and keep up with emerging technologies. Hear from experts who will share case studies of successful digital transformation strategies. With topics such as Cloud, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity & Compliance, AI Trends, Digital Frauds, and more, there is undoubtedly something for every techie at this conference. Let's take a cursory review of the topics discussed at this tech event.


Join us at our upcoming editions in the USA and Dubai to learn about the sector's innovations and disruptions from the industry's global changemakers. Are you ready to expand your knowledge, update your skills and gain new perspectives?


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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere you look these days — even if you're not looking. Connected devices like smart TVs, smartwatches, fitness trackers, toys, and appliances are increasingly connecting to the internet. Our sessions will investigate ways to build on top of the possibilities provided by these new advances.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-native applications of today are becoming increasingly complex, making it harder for us to comprehend them. For instance, working with resources and architecture decisions makes it crucial to connect them to business metrics such as end-user latency - but doing so is difficult in practice. Understanding how our systems behave and why they do what they do is where cloud computing kicks in!

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing technology has the power to transform the world around us. It can solve complex computational problems, learn quantum-classical machine learning, change cryptography to avoid spam and scams, and carry out resource-intensive computations. Hundreds of companies are already using these wonders. Our sessions will allow you to learn what it can do for your business.

AI & Machine Learning

Conversation Intelligence has made way for a new generation of AI-driven applications across various industries. Among many others, applications include Revenue Intelligence, Telehealth, Call Centers and Customer Support, Collaboration, and Productivity Platforms. Our most awaited tech conference will host three days of thought leadership talks and technical panel discussions on the newest innovations, technologies, and best practices in artificial intelligence development.

API & Other Services

Microservices are one of the latest additions to API Design and Strategy. Learn how to advance your API practices! One could measure many metrics regarding APIs, but how does one know which ones will lead to desired business outcomes? Join us & learn about three key goals in this arena—adoption, engagement, and retention—and what they mean.

What’s New In DevOps?

DevOps is the blending of two integral segments; software design and deployment and systems management. Recent developments in this field are sweeping across every industry — so many even — both due to their merits and because it meets an urgent need for businesses seeking rapid scalability. Our Winter Edition’s panels will cover performance analysis, DevOps tools, and DevOps analytics.

Software Development

Today, tech companies and Fortune 500’s are scaling up their software development - relying more heavily on big data tools, Python tools, and more. New Python, Data Tools, and Database Languages innovations will be covered at the upcoming technology conference!

Next-Gen Robotics

As robots become more sophisticated and their ability to interact with humans increases, they will take on greater responsibilities within organizations, such as completing manufacturing tasks or running assembly lines as well as collaborating with humans or replacing them altogether in some cases. Get ready to learn more about developments in this space by attending our tech event!

Digital Fraud

With the rise in the adoption of digital solutions, scammers look for ways to use email, websites, malicious software, or other methods to get an individual’s details or dupe them into paying money. These digital frauds include spam, scams, spyware, identity theft, phishing, or internet banking fraud. Join us as our experts shed light on these digital frauds and discuss methods to identify or avoid them.

Cybersecurity & Safety

Every day there is an increase in the users, devices and programs, combined with the flood of sensitive and personal data. The growing number of cyber attackers and attack tactics further amplify the problem and need for cyber security. Join our tech event in the USA and Dubai as we explore strategies to keep your data safe and secure from such cyber attacks!


While AR/VR are on their way to changing how we use our screens and providing a unique, memorable and immersive experience, does it excite you to brainstorm how it has impacted the different sectors and what else it has in store for us? Let’s dive deeper into this immersive experience at our tech conference.

Big Data

As the world grows, so does our data, and handling such a vast amount of data efficiently and effectively gave rise to big data technologies! In combination with leading technologies such as ML, AI, IoT, and deep learning, big data technologies focus on analyzing, managing, and transforming large amounts of real-time data into business insights. Get ready to learn more about big data and its applications in our upcoming editions.