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Our Outreach
Process On LinkedIn

Internet 2.0 Conference’s Recognition Program honors trailblazing individuals and organizations for their efforts in creating innovative solutions to complex problems and pioneering new technologies. Over the years, our Honorees have attracted significant industry attention through our platform, helping them gain investments, partnerships, and new business opportunities.

To reach out to prospective candidates for our prestigious program, LinkedIn is our primary mode of communication. Being a professional networking site, it enables us to connect with individuals and organizations who share our passion for advancing the industry and are excited to learn from one another.

LinkedIn Profile
Verification Tool

In our continuous effort to ensure transparency and authenticity, we have introduced a LinkedIn Verification Tool. This tool serves as a valuable resource for recipients and interested parties who wish to review and validate the legitimacy of profiles associated with the Internet 2.0 Conference.

  • 01

    Input LinkedIn Profile URL:

    Enter the LinkedIn profile URL of the person you want to verify. Our tool will then gather relevant information from the profile for analysis.

  • 02

    Validation Process:

    Our system will cross-reference the provided profile URL with our internal database. This process is designed to confirm the ownership of the profile.

  • 03

    Get Confirmation:

    Once the verification is complete, you will instantly receive a notification confirming whether the LinkedIn profile is associated with our organization.


Enter LinkedIn URL here:

*Please provide the LinkedIn URL of the individual who contacted you. For expert support, contact us here.

Disclaimer: Please note that while our tool employs sophisticated algorithms to assess LinkedIn profiles, it does not guarantee absolute accuracy.

LinkedIn Profile Not Associated With Us?
Beware of Scams!

If you find that the LinkedIn Verification Tool doesn't confirm a profile's association with the Internet 2.0 Conference, please exercise caution. Avoid sharing personal info and report it through our Report A Scam page to help us uphold the credibility of our program and ensure community safety. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].