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Responsible for implementing process change and developing and innovating solutions with cutting-edge technology, Ahmed Saud Tahir has been revolutionizing the tech sector for more than 5 years now.

  • Role: Chief Technology Officer & Director of Outsourcing
  • Organization: Mham Intl. for IT and Edukko DMCC & Njiko Inc.
  • Industry: Technology


Years Of Industry Experience

Post Conference Outcomes

Ahmed Got Potential Deals & Global Recognition.

Business Deals
  • He collaborated with some of the interesting personalities of the tech world and has managed to get a sizable deal of 2,00,000 USD.
  • He networked with numerous international innovators in the public and private sectors and is pursuing the leads he generated during the conference.
  • He visited several exhibition booths where the solutions and services resonated with his own ideas and projects.

Numbers Only Going Up!

  • 45+


  • 4520+

    Minutes Of Live Sessions

  • 100,000+

    Sq. Ft. Of Ballroom Space


Meet Industry Leaders & Develop Connections With Them

Ahmed Saud Tahir attended our IT conference for the first time. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that Ahmed’s first visit to the Dubai edition of the Internet 2.0 Conference was a massive success as he managed a deal of 2,00,000 USD by the end of day three!

His right moves and tactics drew the attention of a few potential investors, clients, and vendors who were equally interested in his innovative products, ideas, and solutions. Ahmed also shared the stage with other CTOs and Founders of different companies and illuminated the attendees with his subject-matter expertise and years of experience.

Ahmed is a driven personality who is eager to make advancements in the industry, and it becomes pretty challenging to meet like-minded individuals considering his busy schedule. That’s where IT conferences like the Internet 2.0 Conference come to the rescue. Within the course of three days, Ahmed was able to connect with companies and entities that could now be potential collaborators.

"There is no such thing as failure. As a leader, one should only believe in feedback and not failure to improve their products." — Ahmed Saud Tahir

Ahmed Tahir has been at the forefront of technology for over a decade. He has been involved in implementing process change and developing and innovating solutions with cutting-edge technology adaptation like Western Union and MISK.

Attending the Internet 2.0 Conference is your shortcut to enhancing knowledge while meeting leaders like Ahmed from different parts of the world with similar goals. Are you ready to experience learning and networking beyond the ordinary?

Time To Make A Deal!

Make partnership and collaboration deals by finding potential connections at the conference.

Get Inspired By The Best In Tech

FinTech companies and tech innovators are ready to join us again in the upcoming editions of the Internet 2.0 Conference taking place in Dubai & Las Vegas. Contact us now to join them!