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Three Days.A Lifetime Of Experiences.

Attending our tech conference will be an experience you won't forget! Our carefully curated sessions feature inspiring stories, deep dives into industry-leading strategies, and the best practices of today’s most successful technology professionals.

We've spent countless hours preparing to deliver amazing, interactive sessions that provide insight and knowledge from experts in the field. From deep-dives into a variety of topics to collaboration and networking opportunities, there is something for everyone to discover at our tech conference. Check out our conference format to know what’s waiting for you!


Keynote speakers at the Internet 2.0 Conference are the headliners! At our tech conference, keynote speeches usually involve executives, industry influencers, and tech thought leaders who present innovative topics and high-level insights. During a typical session — which is expected to last anything from 20 to 40 minutes — the speaker will use visuals, audience interactions, storytelling, and interactive elements to make the topic accessible and enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

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Speaker Sessions

Speaker sessions are shorter talks that provide deep-dive insights into particular areas of tech and industry trends. During these sessions, industry leaders will discuss detailed topics that typically have tangible solutions or plans of action. These sessions are also great for speakers to provide live demonstrations or interactive experiments.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions offer attendees a chance to explore a range of topics with a multi-dimensional perspective. At tech conferences, these types of discussions will typically involve a variety of stakeholders to provide unique insights from all angles. In this setting, attendees will have a chance to participate in open discussion and ask questions of panelists in real-time when the floor opens up for questions!

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats provide a more intimate setting, featuring two or three industry thought leaders having an engaging and open dialogue. This conversational setting allows for a more candid exchange, where both the on-stage experts and audience members can have meaningful dialogue. They can provide an insightful look into the world of technology and entrepreneurship and offer useful lessons. They are designed to be both informative and fun!



Presentations are more traditional in structure, with speakers addressing the audience and delivering a prepared talk in a digestible format (usually 5-20 minutes). The presentation usually consists of slides, diagrams, or videos to supplement the presenter’s words. Presentations at the Internet 2.0 Conference can cover a wide range of topics, including new technologies, the evolution of an industry, case studies, or specific insights from an expert. Presentations also provide an opportunity for companies or organizations to share their accomplishments and new products or services with the audience.

Q&A Sessions

At the conclusion of each session, we offer brief but impactful Q&A sessions lasting no more than 10-15 minutes. These moments at our tech summit provide a unique opportunity for our audience to engage directly with speakers, delve deeper into the topics, and seek clarifications. It's a dynamic interaction where insights are refined, perspectives are shared, and the learning experience is enriched. Your curiosity fuels these exchanges, making each session not just a presentation but a collaborative exploration of ideas.


Showstopper Sessions

Our Showstopper Session (only one in a day) is the highlight that brings all attendees from different 2.0 conferences together. In this session, lasting anywhere from half an hour to one hour, the Showstooper — an expert in their own right — delves into an inspiring and expansive topic that resonates across industries. It's a moment of collective learning and connection, where discussions go beyond boundaries, sparking insightful conversations among a diverse group of participants.

Networking Sessions

Networking sessions provide the perfect opportunity to build meaningful connections within the tech industry and to explore potential career and business opportunities. Our tech event in 2024 will provide at least 10 hours of dedicated networking sessions so that you can exchange business cards and gain leads over refreshments!


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