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1. Where will the tech conference take place?

The Internet 2.0 Conference will take place at InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, UAE, on 19th-21st June,2023, and at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, USA, on 10th-12th July,2023.

2. How much does it cost to register for the tech conference in the USA?

You can find all the pricing information on the conference's registration page. You can contact the Internet 2.0 Conference’s team directly to get more accurate pricing information.

3. When does registration open?

Registration has already opened for people who wish to attend the event in person. You can register online or contact us.

4. Do I need to sign up for each session I want to attend?

You will not need to register separately for each Internet 2.0 Conference session. Everything is included in the all-inclusive Attendee Pass! In addition to viewing all of the conference's keynotes, panels, and question-and-answer sessions, you'll also receive access to our exhibition arena (exhibitors' booths), networking lunches, and coffee breaks with other attendees.

5. Where can I buy Attendee Pass?

Attendee Pass for the Internet 2.0 Conference are available through our websites, official web assets, and at the event venue. Please be cautious of scammers when purchasing tickets. Review the website carefully and use caution when paying for them to avoid being ripped off by fraudsters who sell fake passes to events like ours.

6. Does your registration fee include hotel accommodations and travel expenses?

Our Attendee Pass do not cover travel and lodging expenses. However, the Internet 2.0 Conference has reserved a few discounted room blocks at the host hotel, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For further information, get in touch with our team.

7. What if I can't make it to the in-person conference, will there be an option to participate virtually?

Yes! The Internet 2.0 Conference allows you to attend the conference virtually. You can subscribe to the tech conference's YouTube channel for more information.

8. What happens after I buy my Attendee Pass?

The Internet 2.0 Conference begins the review and confirmation process as soon as you purchase your Attendee pass. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive payment confirmation via email. Please maintain a record of all transactions for future reference.

9. Can I go to the conference for just one day?

If you cannot participate on all days, you may choose to attend any day of the event at your convenience. However, you are required to pay the complete registration fee.

10. What does the participation fee include?

The participation fee includes 3-day conference activities, materials, lunches, snacks, and refreshments. Fees do not include accommodation or transportation costs.

11. What are the benefits of paying participation fees?

Our events are designed to make every attendee feel welcome and appreciated, making it easier for everyone to start sharing ideas. There is no need for sales pitches when you're among people who genuinely want nothing more than to explore new opportunities and collaborate on potential collaborations! When we organize these events, we always book venues that provide the best hospitality - including excellent food!

12. What should I bring to the tech conference?

Come prepared with a list of questions or points you want to make during the presentation. The conference’s official magazine will have a detailed agenda given out at the conference for easy reference. You are welcome to take your laptop, tablet, or phone into the conference room.

13. How can I afford to attend the conference?

Companies tend to approve of out-of-the-office training budgets. You will need to ask your bosses or HR department for permission first. To get approval from your boss, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Plan and see if any available sessions pertain to your job position or personal goals. This will ensure you're making an educated decision when asking for permission.

  • Discuss how attending this event could lead to growth within the company, prove valuable assets at work, etc.

  • Show them how this opportunity is worth getting approved for when it comes down to it! They're more likely to give in if they see how this seminar has taken away all your apprehension about moving forward professionally.

14. Is it possible to get a refund if I cancel?

The Internet 2.0 Conference's tickets are not refundable. But, the team will look at each request for refunds case by case. We reserve the right to deny or confirm them, depending on the circumstances.

That being said, if you receive a call, text, email, or mail, for that matter, implying that we are willing to offer a non-refundable pass on whichever ground, consider it spam and register the encounter with us as soon as possible.

15. I would love to speak at the Dubai technology event. How can I apply?

Our organization strives to bring in speakers from different corners of the world for our international technology events in Las Vegas and Dubai. Submit your interest in becoming a keynote speaker or panelist here.

16. Where can I find reviews of the Internet 2.0 Conference?

You can visit our YouTube channel or visit this page, where attendees talk about their experiences with us!

17. How can I book an exhibition booth for my startup?

Our exhibit space can provide the perfect setting for you to increase your target market and promote your business. To learn more about this opportunity, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

18. Could you tell me how to become your USA tech conference’s sponsor?

We have some available sponsorship slots left for the upcoming tech conference, but there are a few! Check out our various sponsorship packages and their availability by filling out a form here. Please do not respond to spam messages trying to sell fake tickets for our event.