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Mohamed helps companies create software solutions from scratch with his highly skilled team.

  • Founder: Mohamed Yoosuf
  • Company: FAMY Consulting Services
  • Designation: CEO & Founder
  • Industry: Cybersecurity


Years Of Experience

Post-Conference Outcomes

Positioned Himself As An Industry Leader Before Key Investors

Networking Opportunities
  • Mohamed Yoosuf experienced a valuable networking opportunity through which he made about 10-15 global connections.
  • His contributions to the tech and innovation sector were appreciated, which led him to receive international recognition at our tech event in Dubai.
  • He got in-depth knowledge of the industry's latest innovations while meeting leaders who shared a common vision.

Internet 2.0 Conference

  • 2800+


  • 50+

    Participating Firms

  • 35+


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An Active Networker At The Conference

Recently, Mohamed Yoosuf, Founder & CEO of FAMY Consulting Services, attended the Internet 2.0 Conference's Winter Edition in Dubai with the intention to learn, network, and explore the latest disruptions in the tech and innovation industry.

At the end of this tech event, he found himself making some strong connections with about 10-15 contemporary organizations in the industry and he is hoping to generate tighter partnerships in the near future.

By being honored with an award from the Internet 2.0 Conference, Mohamed has been able to gain recognition across all sectors of technology, giving him more visibility on a global level than ever before. This honor also highlights all of his outstanding achievements as an influential member of our society, motivating others in their own journeys toward creating change in whatever form it may take them.

Experience The Best At The Internet 2.0 Conference

Mohamed is a technology veteran with more than 35 years of experience, based out of Chennai, India. With a primary focus on consulting in digital transformation and cybersecurity, his vast experience in digital technology includes software product engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud engineering.

He attended this tech conference to meet and connect with the industry's pioneers and changemakers, and in return got, amazed after exploring the extraordinary opportunities and possibilities. If you are looking for similar opportunities, then the Internet 2.0 Conference is the right place for you!

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