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Internet 2.0 Conference Reviews & Issues Scam & Spam Prevention Advisory


With global tech conferences happening around the clock this time of year, the need for scam prevention has reached its peak. Internet 2.0 Conference, one of the most notable global internet conferences, is no different when it comes to the need for implementing a solid Code of Conduct structure along with an effective method to deal with fraudulent complaints. A three-day event hosting industry experts and professionals from all over, we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

With the various ways scammers try and defraud individuals at conferences, we have urged attendees to actively engage in reporting fraudulent and suspicious activities to help strengthen the safety aspect of our conference. To start off, Internet 2.0 Conference has worked on guidelines for:

  • Common types of scams
  • Most effective scam prevention measures
  • Actively utilizing our fraud detection forum

By going through our highlighted guide when it comes to scam prevention and awareness, frequent conference-goers can avoid being defrauded

Common Types Of Scams: Internet 2.0 Conference Reviews

With the rise of how scammers are able to deceive and manipulate individuals, it's of utmost importance to educate our attendees on the most common types of scams being noticed at conferences. These range from:

  • Scammers may lure around the event, spreading around flyers and other promotional material for upcoming & “promising” business opportunities. For first-timers at our conference, it can be quite tough to differentiate between a fraudulent and a legitimate business, especially when the scammer knows what they’re doing with their convincing skills.
  • One of the most common types of scams is the use of phishing emails. Scammers, misrepresenting themselves as members of our conference team may contact attendees, fooling them into paying huge sums of money for “limited time accommodation offers,” and “special discounts on the attendee pass”, along with misrepresenting legitimate services our conference offers. Attendees unaware of these common phishing cams and measures to detect them may suffer from financial distress.
Internet 2.0 Conference Discusses Effective Scam Prevention Measures

Our conference emphasizes educating attendees when it comes to being able to prevent scams and fraudulent activities. Early detection along with being able to spot red flags when it comes to fraudulent & same related activities, such as phishing emails, can be vital for individuals to protect themselves.

  • Verifying any emails or other communication portals promoting our conference services or products must always be verified. Fraudulent emails, with scammers misrepresenting themselves as part of Internet 2.0 Conference are noticed quite often by our fraud detection team. The simplest of warning signs such as - grammatical errors in the sender’s email address, unverified links attached, and unverified documents, are just some of the early signs that must always be verified by attendees.
  • Being vigilant and aware when it comes to reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activity is something we heavily encourage our attendees to do. Utilizing our Report A Scam form to report complaints regarding any fraudulent emails or unsolicited offers from unverified sources helps Internet 2.0 Conference effectively deal with conference-related complaints.
  • Any requests made on behalf of our conference, involving your personal information are always communicated beforehand. Only our verified email address is used for communicating such requests. It is of utmost importance that attendees, before sharing any sort of personal or financial information, verify the source and the request being made for sharing such sensitive data. Any unverified individuals, posing as conference team members, may try to exploit individuals into sharing such data in the name of utilizing one of our conference services. Verifying the individual & reporting such fraudulent and suspicious activity, helps us effectively and swiftly deal with such scammers.
  • Any purchase of conference tickets, merchandise, or any other service we offer must only be done from verified portals and team members. Third-party portals & unverified vendors, selling tickets or Internet 2.0 Conference services, may defraud individuals, leading to financial and mental distress.
  • Simply educating and regularly keeping yourself up to date on the latest trends regarding frauds and scams at conferences can go a long way for attendees. Internet 2.0 Conference has a consistently up-to-date and informative Fraud Monitoring forum, allowing attendees to catch up on the latest scams being noticed. They are also heavily encouraged to utilize our complaint form portal in case of any fraudulent or suspicious activity they might have noticed.
Fraud Monitoring Page: Internet 2.0 Conference Ramps Up Fraud Prevention

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our attendees, our Fraud Detection forum has you covered. Internet 2.0 Conference reviews and offers preventative measures for everything related to conference scams. Through our fraud detection page, we consistently try to educate attendees about the early detection of scams and spot red flags. In order to avoid any possible financial and reputational loss, we encourage attendees to be wary and vigilant when it comes to distinguishing between legitimate and fraudulent offers that can help save an individual from a scam and help prevent further scams at our conference.

Internet 2.0 Conference understands that differentiating between legitimate and fraudulent emails can be tough. Given the number of scams being reported, attendees, especially first-timers, can have an overwhelming experience dealing with fraudulent emails and scammers. Being able to spot red flags and early warning signs is not as easy, especially when scammers disguised their fraud well using misrepresentative tactics.

In order to educate our attendees, our fraud detection page covers all factors. We provide relevant scam instances, updated regularly as scam trends change, to make people aware of how a fraudulent email or conversation would look. Helping attendees recognize early signs, such as incorrect email addresses, and unsolicited discount offers to gain financial and personal information amongst other scam tactics, help attendees avoid being defrauded.

By visiting our Report A Scam page, individuals can effectively report any fraudulent or suspicious activity. Our page includes accessible as well as informative collectors, such as basic information about the person filing the complaint along with where and how the fraud or scam was noticed. We allow attendees to go in-depth into describing their experience and all the warning signs and red flags they noticed. This helps our team bog down the exact way a scammer attempted to exploit the individual and helps determine any new trends in scamming tactics.

It’s also more efficient for our team to investigate and resolve a fraudulent issue with a complete in-depth description of the activity. Not just that but to further solidify and express how a scam may have occurred, we allow attendees to upload documents such as screenshots or any unverified documents and links they may have received.

This helps us track down the exact way in which a scammer may have attempted to exploit the individual, especially for out-of-the-box scenarios. Rest assured, we treat each and every complaint with the same level of detailed inspection and resolution, encouraging attendees to not hesitate from ever reporting any suspicious activity.

Internet 2.0 Conference encourages routine visits to our fraud detection forum, helping you stay up to date on the latest when it comes to scam tactics and prevention measures. Attendees can go through our in-depth analysis of how conference fraud and scam tactics generally work, helping them be aware of what to look out for. Our scam report page is another efficient utility, put into place to help combat scams and fraudulent activities vigilantly.

Kashif Ansari is a proud member of the Internet 2.0 Conference's organizing committee and is deeply interested in learning how technology is changing the world and the revolutions it brings about. The Internet 2.0 Conference's upcoming editions are prepared to examine some of the industry's hottest topics, including what the future of cybersecurity holds, the need for cloud computing expertise in the blockchain, and reducing the damage that fraudsters and scammers can do to your company.