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Armando, with his companies, is changing the way companies perform customer service and also the way we think about the term "Latino."

  • Role: Founder
  • Organization: LatinoRen &
  • Industry: Technology


Years Of Tech Expertise

Post Conference Outcomes

Initiated Conversations & Found Key Partnerships

Partnership Scope
  • He made around 5 key partners at the conference and looks forward to connecting with them for business opportunities.
  • He is currently brokering VC funding for 3 connections he made in the networking events offered by the conference in between the learning sessions.
  • He connected with 20+ like-minded entrepreneurs who shared the same interest in bettering the lives of kids residing in disadvantaged neighborhoods of society.

Numbers That Keep Going!

  • 2800+

    Tech Leaders

  • 50+

    Participating Firms

  • 35+



Grow Connections & Build Partnerships Like Armando

Armando Rodriguez went to the Internet 2.0 Conference to expand his network, but he had no idea he would also return with new customers for his company. He had the chance to present his concepts and expertise to cutting-edge technology companies.

Armando was one of our panelists who provided insight on the subject of "How To Create A Centralized Customer-Oriented Experience?" that not only helped him locate C-suite executives who agree with his philosophy but also gave his thoughts global exposure. Currently, Armando has a fantastic pool of CEOs who are eager to join his VC network.

You can also join such thought leaders and help your brand find its market without putting much effort. How? By attending upcoming tech conferences in 2023.

A Hub Of Leaders

Armando found the opportunity to speak on a global level very productive and the marketing opportunities yielded great results for him! Armando firmly believes in a quote that keeps him doing what he does best, "Always consider how you will make others money first, and you will always be rich." This driven methodology and zeal to do something for the betterment of society with the help of tech make Armando stand apart from the competition.

It's time to boost your business as Armando did, and if you are ready, do register for the conference!

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