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How Can Data Privacy Be Ensured In The Age Of Big Tech Domination? Internet 2.0 Conference Discusses

Ensuring Data Privacy In Big Tech Domination

Data privacy concerns have been at an all-time high in today's technology-driven age. Despite advancing security measures, the trend of storing data on cloud technologies, reliance on IoT services, and the sheer global usage of the internet, user databases are still very vulnerable to cyber-attacks and fraud. Big Tech companies, a collection of the powerhouses in the IT industry, have been under scrutiny regarding user data privacy concerns.

Internet 2.0 Conference, one of the most anticipated technology events in 2023, shed light upon this very topic of "Ensuring Data Privacy In The Age Of Big Tech Domination," at its Dubai edition in 2022, playing host to a panel of industry experts and innovators engaged in insightful discussions on stage. Providing fresh & innovative perspectives, our edition brought to the forefront different approaches to ensuring data privacy and the dilemma of data collection limitations being used for investigative and research purposes.

Ensuring Data Privacy: A Priority With Its Own Unique Challenges

Although a unified view on data privacy is a priority, every business and sector tends to go through its own challenges when it comes to protecting user data. Panelist Sean Cooper, Public Sector Manager at Cymru, raised an interesting perspective when he said, "Data privacy is an interesting thing in my world.

As a global citizen, it can be concerning, but typically most of our users are law enforcement agents & I want them to find the bad guy," highlighting how data privacy can sometimes be a matter of wearing two hats.

On the one hand, businesses want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring user data is safe. On the other hand, where can limitations be drawn when it comes to using data for investigative and law purposes?

Just one of the concerns, there are a few other notable issues to be addressed when it comes to global data protection and privacy, such as -

  • The Exponential Growth Of Data
  • Costs Of Maintaining Data Privacy
  • Keeping Up With Growing Regulations & Guidelines


User Consent: A Growing Lack Of Transparency And Awareness

Not just restricted to USA IT conferences but a topic of discussion on a global scale, big tech companies, such as Apple and Google, have become examples of significant concern for users and experts investigating the rising trend of data breaches & the lack of awareness regarding what data is being recorded, used and for what purposes.

Subramanya Jois, CEO & Founder at Aurigraph DLT Corp, goes in-depth on stage at the Internet 2.0 Conference, when talking about user consent in regard to data collection, stating, "Often you don't even know what data is being shared and for what purpose, which can be quite detrimental to data privacy." Subramanya states this in the context of big tech companies, storing and making use of consumer data, oftentimes without user awareness.

On a more solution-based note, Subramanyu explains the importance of integrating the concept of Open Data. In a decentralized data network, user data can be shared and accessed by anyone engaging on the platform, with the user's full consent and knowledge of where the data is being shared and for what purpose.

Technology Is In Dire Need Of Policymaking

With the current state of policies when it comes to data collection and its use, there are too many loopholes to be resolved. Matthew Hogan, Founder & CTO at Konversed Holdings & ONEPRO, put up some interesting points regarding this as he asked, "Who is actually making the decision of deeming malicious activity as malicious? Who owns the company that's collecting all this data to give out?" when adding on to the topic of user data being collected and utilized in an unrestricted manner for investigative purposes and research.

Seeing how technology constantly evolves, Subramanyu states, "If policymakers can get into their act and come up to speed, a majority of these issues can be resolved." Regulations on information being recorded via smartphones, voice-based search devices, etc., are still nearly non-existent, making the need for a structured policy even greater.

Final Takeaways From Internet 2.0's Panel Discussion


Final Takeaways From Internet 2.0's Panel Discussion


With user data being collected and further utilized at an alarming rate, a few solid ground rules need to be implemented sooner rather than later. With big tech companies leading the way in data privacy concerns, this ongoing issue will scale itself at a much faster rate, prompting immediate action.

Talking about increasing consent and transparency when it comes to user data at Internet 2.0 Conference's Dubai edition, Subramanyu stated, "Open data in that sense will be quite revolutionary. The individual will own their data & not Amazon, Netflix, etc. In this case, they would be able to access the owner's data only with their consent to share and monetize the data."

Prioritize attending technology events in 2023 and stay updated with industry-defining trends, such as the need for better data protection. Internet 2.0 Conference will be hosting a three-day event in both Dubai & the USA, one of the most anticipated USA IT Conferences for the upcoming year!

Kashif Ansari

Kashif Ansari is a proud member of the Internet 2.0 Conference's organizing committee and is deeply interested in learning how technology is changing the world and the revolutions it brings about. The Internet 2.0 Conference's upcoming editions are prepared to examine some of the industry's hottest topics, including what the future of cybersecurity holds, the need for cloud computing expertise in the blockchain, and reducing the damage that fraudsters and scammers can do to your company.