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WHY SPEAK AT Internet 2.0 Conference?

Every day, new innovations reshape the industry, and at the Internet 2.0 Conference, we're giving you a platform to share your unique viewpoints. As a thought leader on our global stage, you're not just talking to an audience; you're shaping the industry's future. It's about molding the story as a standout speaker, connecting with fellow innovators on an expert panel, and, ultimately, being a part of the tech revolution.

So, the question, at the end of the day, will not be, “Why speak at this tech event in 2024?”
– it will be, “How will your voice redefine what's coming next?”

Your Voice,
Your Impact

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Showcase Thought Leadership

Seize the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in the digital realm. As a speaker or panelist, you'll have a platform to share your insights and perspectives, showcasing your expertise and influencing the direction of the conversation.


Contribute To Discourse

By sharing your views, you contribute to the ongoing discourse around the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the tech space. Your unique insights can spark meaningful discussions and drive the industry forward.


Expand Your Reach

Speaking at the conference enables you to reach a wider audience than ever before. Your ideas will resonate with attendees who are actively seeking expertise, and your influence can extend beyond the event itself through post-conference coverage and discussions.


Shape Industry Direction

As an Internet 2.0 Conference speaker, you have the power to shape the future of the technology services landscape. Your views can inspire others, challenge existing paradigms, and drive innovative solutions, ultimately impacting the industry's evolution.

What Topics Can You Talk On?

At our tech conference, we're all about diving into the latest tech trends and critical themes. Our Dubai and Las Vegas agendas are jam-packed with intriguing keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats that cover everything from AI and blockchain to cybersecurity and quantum computing.

But here's the cool part: we're not just sticking to what we know. If you've got a topic you're super passionate about, we want to hear it! If your idea clicks with our themes and our awesome audience, we might just find a spot for you.


Explore Our
Session Types

We've reinvented the typical format with a blend of thought-provoking keynotes, engaging panel conversations, interactive breakout sessions, and even lively Q&A sessions. But that's just the beginning – we've made sure there's ample space for you to connect with fellow innovators and dive into stimulating discussions. The result? An immersive experience tailored for sparking connections, sharing insights, and co-creating the future. Take a look at our three-day conference format to get a better idea!

Content Vetting The Internet 2.0 Conference Assurance

We have a meticulous content review & approval process in place to ensure that the content presented at our tech conference meets the highest standards of quality, relevance, and value. By carefully curating the material shared on our platform, we aim to provide attendees with insightful, unbiased, and actionable insights that resonate with the ever-evolving tech landscape. This process safeguards the integrity of our event and guarantees a meaningful experience for all participants.

How To Fastrack Your Speaking Request?


Break The Mold

Dare to be different! If you're challenging conventional norms, explain your unique angle and the insights it can bring to the table.


Industry-Wide Impact

Think beyond your immediate sphere. Demonstrate how your insights can influence and transform the entire tech ecosystem.


Freshness Matters

If you've covered a topic before, provide a fresh spin tailored to our Internet 2.0 Conference audience. Innovative approaches capture our attention.


Embrace The Challenge

Show your readiness to tackle tough questions and improvise. Our ideal speakers don't shy away from candid discussions or unexpected turns.

Remember that our decisions are based on content relevance and not personal biases. Your dedication to your application is valued, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to curate a program that resonates.

Ready To Share Your Expertise?

Join us to contribute your insights, inspire conversations, and be part of shaping critical conversations in our industry.

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