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With the Internet 2.0 Conference being an in-person event, we would like to assure you that we are taking all essential COVID-19 protocols and precautions in accordance with the regulations set by the state authorities. Know More

  • Biggest Challenges For FinTech Players


    | December 16, 2021

    FinTech companies have essentially changed our relationship with money and also brought about a major upheaval in how we conduct financial transactions in our day-to-day lives. Given the potential of this sector, major companies have entered into the field. However, as discussed in detail at major tech conventions, the realm of FinTech is rife with obstac.... Read More

  • Robotics Trends That Will Rule In 2022


    | December 10, 2021

    The robotics sector is evolving by leaps and bounds and is making inroads into every industry. Given its enormous transformative potential, professionals in the tech industry are excited to witness the developments the new year will bring. Through this blog, we will quickly walk you through some of the key trends in robotics and expert predictions for 202.... Read More

  • Mobility Tech & MaaS Attracting Huge Investments – Is It Worth It?


    | December 02, 2021

    It seems to be a great time to be in the field of mobility tech and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). With billions of dollars being invested by top venture capitalists and several unicorns cropping up, the sector is buzzing with activity. However, while it is definitely on the road to making traveling easier and more convenient for us, will the bubble really.... Read More

  • How Can Blockchain Technology Boost Your Business Operations?


    | November 25, 2021

    What is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they talk about “blockchain” and its amazing potential? Usually “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency.”

    However, as talked about at various tech events in the U.S., it is so much more than that. If harnessed properly, it can bring speed and efficiency to your daily business operat.... Read More

  • Perfect Your Pitch: How To Impress Investors At The Internet 2.0 Conference


    | November 16, 2021

    With 20+ investors in attendance at our upcoming internet conferences in Dubai and Las Vegas, it’s high time that you brush up your pitching skills if you are hoping to bowl them over with your ideas!

    The Internet 2.0 Conference has limited start-up presentation slots for a few promising start-ups tha.... Read More