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Dubai’s Tech-Way To A Smart City


Dubai is paving the way for its citizens and visitors through the power of technology. It has always been known for its grandeur, luxury, and hospitality. Interestingly, in recent years, it has transformed into a hub for innovation and technology, bringing new levels of comfort and convenience to its residents and visitors. Dubai is setting new benchmarks for smart cities and becoming a pioneer in the field of technological advancements. Experts evaluate the factors that are leading to such breakthroughs.

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Why Is Dubai Considered A Smart City?

The Smart Dubai 2021 strategy, led by Smart Dubai, has transformed the city into a model smart city, revolutionizing the way government services are provided. The Dubai Happiness Strategy has happiness at its core, and the Happiness Agenda is being used as a one-of-a-kind tool to measure happiness and well-being in the city.

Since this introduction, the city has grown in unimaginable ways in terms of technology, healthcare, agriculture, and more. Many tech events in Dubai have captured this growth and invited experts to share their opinions on the success of the city altogether. For instance, IT conferences in Dubai talk about the Smart Dubai IoT strategy that has been designed to promote the transformation of Dubai into a smart city and achieve the "happiest city on earth" status.

The Application Of Technology To Attain Lifestyle Efficacy

The Happiness Agenda, a scientific and methodical strategy to improve and sustain happiness levels and monitor the impact on inhabitants and tourists, is how Dubai is leveraging technology to promote happiness. Dubai is using technology to improve the lives of its inhabitants and become a global leader in technology. The government has launched various programs and projects aimed at protecting the environment, rationalizing energy consumption, and reducing carbon emissions.

Dubai's quest to become a global leader in technology has fostered a wide range of those in the ecosystem to support it, such as Astrolabs, which is a coworking space and tech hub. Many tech leaders gathered at the Internet 2.0 Conference also talked about the city’s Metaverse Strategy launched in 2022. Its ambition is to make Dubai one of the top 10 metaverse economies and hubs in the world. By leveraging the potential of new technologies, Dubai aims to deliver a seamless, safe, efficient, and impactful experience for residents and visitors in all sectors.

Happiness Agenda In Dubai

The Happiness Agenda in Dubai aims to measure, impact, and sustain happiness for residents and visitors in the city. The Happiness Agenda is built on an aligned framework designed to discover, imagine, and plan for a future that prioritizes happiness. The Happiness Agenda is a scientific and systematic approach to raising and sustaining happiness levels and measuring the impact on residents and visitors.

The Happiness Champions are working as ambassadors across a growing range of government and non-government entities, embedding happiness into the DNA of these organizations. The ultimate aim of the Happiness Agenda is to create a happy, positive experience for all, one that is seamless, safe, personalized, and impactful.

Dubai’s Smart Transportation:

Dubai is putting smart transportation policies in place to help influence the future of global travel. By 2030, the Dubai Strategy for Self-Driving Smart Transportation wants to convert 25% of all journeys in Dubai to self-driving mode. The Smart Dubai IoT strategy is intended to promote Dubai's transformation into a smart city, and smart transportation is one of its key components

Dubai is investing in the development of a cutting-edge metropolis using technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence, with people's pleasure as the ultimate success indicator. Many IT experts and tech industrialists aim to gather at upcoming Internet conferences in Dubai to discuss the possibilities of emerging technology. Dubai’s transportation brilliance is often talked about at famous IT conferences and tech events in Dubai. Some of these are as follows:

  • In smart cities, public transit is important; without it, movement is nearly impossible. By embracing innovation and automating mass transit for the twenty-first century, urban planning is on the cutting edge of achieving sustainable smart mobility. Smart mobility technologies such as adaptive traffic lights and micro-mobility such as e-bikes have the potential to change cities.
  • In a busy metropolis with extensive transit, smart technology may save the average traveler about 15 minutes each day. In a growing city with longer commutes, the improvement may be as much as 20 to 30 minutes per day.
  • SkyWay Dubai, which is being developed in collaboration with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), would transport passengers and products in autonomous pods suspended from high-speed rail cables at speeds ranging from 100 km/h to 500 km/h.
Smart Technology In Dubai: Leading Cause Of Its Popularity:

Dubai has left no stone unturned in its efforts to invest in and develop creative, developing, and smart technology in order to become a genuinely forward-thinking metropolis. With initiatives such as Dubai Data Strategy, Dubai 10X, Dubai Blockchain Strategy, and Dubai Pulse Platform, among others, the city is poised to become one of the world's smartest cities and a leader in technology and innovation. IT specialists at tech conferences in Dubai agree that this impacts not only its citizens but also businesses that will benefit from these endeavors. The city is making daily procedures and operations more efficient by establishing world-class infrastructure that supports and fosters development, business, and innovation.

To that aim, the government has launched over 100 smart projects and 1,000 smart services in order to improve seamlessness and sustainability, as well as to revolutionize the way government services are given to citizens, hence enhancing their happiness quotient. The United Nations has recognized Dubai as a mentor for a smart and a sustainable, and resilient city as a result of its historic achievements.

Some leading tech advancements in Dubai:
  • Dubai Hyperloop

    This smart architectural innovation aims to reduce travel time between the two locations to around 12 minutes. It is also believed to be the first Hyperloop route to open. The Hyperloop will make a considerable difference in the time it takes to travel 139 kilometers (86 miles).

  • Earth's Mars

    Dubai is preparing for the Red Planet with its Martian city in the Emirati desert. It will house 600,000 people and is the first step in the UAE's grandiose 100-year Mars colonization plan.

  • Oasis Eco Resort

    The broad breadth of Dubai's aims is what identifies it as a truly smart city. There are jetpacks and drones on one side, but green technology is also an emphasis. Consider the 2020 resort idea as an example. In Liwa, China's southernmost province, it will be the world's greenest eco-resort.

Smart Healthcare In Dubai:

Dubai is implementing smart healthcare strategies to improve the quality of healthcare services. The Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a new 350-bed "smart" hospital that is now ready to welcome patients. To give patients a smooth and customized experience, the hospital is outfitted with sophisticated technology such as artificially intelligent machines, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dubai has some of the best private hospitals and clinics, and most ex-pats in Dubai have private medical insurance to access these facilities. The Smart Dubai IoT strategy is designed to promote the transformation of Dubai into a smart city, and smart healthcare is one of the key components of this strategy. By leveraging the potential of new technologies, Dubai aims to deliver a seamless, safe, efficient, and impactful experience for residents and visitors in the healthcare sector.

Future Of Smart Dubai: Where Is It Leading Us?

Dubai is positioning itself as a global tech leader by launching initiatives and strategies to embrace the future and become a leading city of the future. The Dubai Future Foundation has undertaken projects in five major areas of concentration to assist Dubai become a premier metropolis of the future.

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