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With the Internet 2.0 Conference being an in-person event, we would like to assure you that we are taking all essential COVID-19 protocols and precautions in accordance with the regulations set by the state authorities. Know More

  • E-Bikes Zoom Past Electric Cars In Sales


    | January 20, 2022

    Think electric cars are the most-coveted or popular electric vehicles in the market right now? You’re mistaken. The e-bike sector is having a field day in terms of growth and sales, and it might just continue to reign on the top spot as far as sustainable travel is concerned.

    As predicted by mobility experts at automation conferences and tech ev.... Read More

  • Is The World Ready For The Metaverse?


    | January 19, 2022

    When Facebook announced the change of its company name to Meta, the internet world broke into conversations and debates about what this could mean for the future of the uber-successful organization.

    On the other hand, the tech community was glued to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plans of creating a digital environment — a metaverse — where individuals a.... Read More

  • Quantum Computing: The Future is Already on its Way


    | January 05, 2022

    The technological leap during the pandemic along with the promise of introducing new technologies has delivered numerous benefits to societies across the world and is expected to bring us computers capable of operating many thousands of times quicker than usual. As a result, nations have started investing heavily in the field. In the same way, when it com.... Read More

  • A Closer Look At Internet 2.0 Conference’s USA Edition


    | January 04, 2022

    Get ready to discover the future of tech and its remarkable applications in various fields at the grand unveiling of the Internet 2.0 Conference’s USA event! Our upcoming tech conference in Las Vegas has generated a lot of buzz, and seats are filling up as we speak.

    We expect o.... Read More

  • No-Charge 3D Printed Wearables Could Soon Become A Reality


    | December 28, 2021

    Imagine never having to look for a charger to power up your smartwatch or wearable bracelet. Sounds too good to be true? Considering the strides researchers and engineers are making in the field of 3D printing and wearables, it might soon become a way of life for us.

    As spoken about at various IT conferences in Las Vegas, the 3D printing market .... Read More