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  • AI Versus Human: Has AI Taken Over?


    | February 22, 2023

    When artificial intelligence comes to mind, we're primed to think of futuristic 'robots' and their plans for world domination, and we can totally blame Hollywood for such a compelling visualization. In reality, however, the concept of machine intelligence goes beyond just robots and aliens.

    From neural networks to artificial enzymes, AI is gradu.... Read More

  • Latest In GPT Models: Predictions Around GPT-4


    | January 30, 2023

    In the past, Natural Language Processing (NLP) models were constricted by their ability to execute particular tasks using supervised learning. Hoping to overcome this barrier for further advancement, OpenAI introduced Generated Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) models, taking the NLP industry by storm.

    Improved efficiency by eliminating the need for.... Read More

  • Metaverse: Challenges & Opportunities


    | November 02, 2022

    It is often said that challenges are disguised opportunities. This mantra certainly applies to the metaverse, where many challenges present tremendous opportunities for consumers and businesses.

    As reviewed by Internet 2.0 Conference’s speakers, the metaverse is being billed as a phen.... Read More

  • Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling: Women In IT


    | October 20, 2022

    The National Center for Women & Information Technology discovered in 2015 that women hold only a quarter of computing jobs. Statistics like these, unfortunately, remain unsurprising and slow to change.

    What is surprising is the tangible business impact a lack of diversity has on businesses. According to experts at tech events in the USA, div.... Read More

  • iOS 16 Security Upgrades Against Phishing Scams: A Review By Internet 2.0 Conference


    | October 07, 2022

    It is always exciting to get an update for your iPhone or Macbook to explore all the new features Apple offers. So Apple has come up with fresh news by landing its new iOS 16 updates for iPhones.

    From lock screen customization to anti-scam features, iPhones’ new update is full of surprises. The experts at the Internet 2.0 Conference weighed in o.... Read More