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Top Digital Disruptions In The Technology Industry


It is an established fact that technology is ever-evolving and there will always be something new emerging on the horizon. However, it is not necessary for all the tech to stay relevant or have an impact on the global economy. A few years ago, technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning had just become the buzzwords in the tech industry. Now, in the present era, these tools are at the core of the star of how companies do business.

The pandemic-induced shifts across industries around the world have made it imperative for key stakeholders to keep themselves in the loop of some of today’s emerging technologies that experts expect to be game-changers in the upcoming years. Attending an annual tech conference, like the Internet 2.0 Conference, can help entrepreneurs reach their business goals with a better understanding of industry trends.

Here are a few disruptions look out for in the upcoming years:

Machine Learning

Unlike traditional machine learning, UML or unsupervised learning works without data training or labeling, enabling the tool to recognize unknown patterns and make more accurate predictions. It has disrupted how we leverage data for predictions and intelligence by eliminating the limitations of preexisting human knowledge, which further enables fresh insights.

Robotics & Automation

Experts have prophesied that drones will deliver packages with human understanding, which means human intelligence-based robotics and automation will be a game changer in the upcoming years.

Intelligent Tech & Security

Intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence and ML have already made their place in the industry by enabling businesses to respond dynamically to emails. Now, these tech tools have made it possible to detect intentionally risky behavior or fraud such as exfiltrating data. It will revolutionize the way organizations employ security solutions and ensure that digital platforms are safe to use.

Telehealth Solutions

With the onset of the pandemic, policy changes and shifts in public opinion have led to the widespread adoption of telehealth solutions. The increase in the use of telehealth apps, combined with critical patient data in electronic health records and other digital platforms of engagement for healthcare providers, will change the paradigm of how efficient care can be delivered more effectively.

Quantum Computing

With AI and ML always being the top of the trends, other tech tools are also making their spot in the industry. For instance, IoT has become trendy and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. On the other hand, Quantum computing will create a breakthrough as big as the invention of the computer or the launch of the internet.


AI and machine learning have disrupted the industry to an extent that no business operation takes place without the use of it. Therefore, hyper-automation provides companies with a framework to use AI and ML as a combination to identify and automate business processes efficiently.


A 24/7 citizen of the World Wide Web, Shobhit Behal is interested in learning more about how the internet is shaping the way we live, think, and act in this day and age. He is enthusiastic about exploring fraud identification, spam elimination, and internet scams. During his free time, Shobhit loves petting dogs and playing football.