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Robotics Trends That Will Rule In 2022


The robotics sector is evolving by leaps and bounds and is making inroads into every industry. Given its enormous transformative potential, professionals in the tech industry are excited to witness the developments the new year will bring. Through this blog, we will quickly walk you through some of the key trends in robotics and expert predictions for 2022:

Robots dominate smart factories

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of smart factories, which previously remained constricted to the domain of automotive manufacturing. Owing to movement restrictions and social distancing guidelines, many companies were forced to embrace smart factory solutions to compensate for the dire labor shortages. Going beyond traditional production and manufacturing models, factories welcomed robots and autonomous systems to keep operations running. Experts at major technology conferences have projected that this trend is here to stay. Because of their precision, speed, and productivity, we will see greater adoption of connected robots and more human-robot collaborations in the coming months.

“Cobots” become more popular

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that collaborative bots, or “cobots,” are the magnum opus of the robotics revolution. These are equipped with intuitive sensors and systems to alert human workers in case emergencies arise at the workplace. At the same time, these can work efficiently alongside humans for a wide range of purposes. From caregiving bots, cleaning bots to those that can be deployed for heavy lifting in factories, these are radically enhancing working conditions and also fuelling business growth.

Robots maintain supply chains

The novel coronavirus exposed the gaps in global supply chains, which had resulted in empty shelves and serious supply-demand problems. This nudged manufacturers to come up with innovations to ensure the smooth functioning of their facilities and to maintain their supply chains. With robots entering the arena, businesses witnessed improved productivity, accuracy, and flexibility. In the coming months, we will see autonomous robots playing a bigger role in maintaining supply chains because of their potential to bring down error rates, speed up inventory checks, reduce sorting & picking times, as well as labor costs.

The entry of self-healing robots

New technologies and materials have made it possible for robots to conduct maintenance and repairs upon themselves, as and when required, without the need for human intervention. For instance, a European team has worked on robots constructed of flexible plastics and equipped with sensors that can initiate repairs and patches as soon as damage is detected. This reduces downtime and also does away with the need to redirect time, money, and additional resources towards their maintenance needs.

As you can see, the robotics sector will be abuzz with activity in 2022 as the spotlight will be turned on the above-mentioned areas. To keep up with everything that’s new in the realm of robotics, do register for post-COVID technology conferences in Dubai and Las Vegas, such as the Internet 2.0 Conference. Top companies, robotics consultants, and engineers will make their presence felt at the international technology event. This is where you need to be if your goal is to widen your horizons and connect with some of the best minds in your field.


Pragya Kandpal is a member of the Internet 2.0 Conference’s organizing team. The conference, which will take place in 2022, will bring together some of the most influential tech experts and leaders to shine a light on technological breakthroughs, scam and fraud prevention on the internet, and the latest happenings in the realms of artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and augmented reality.