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Leaps In AI: Mindblowing Examples Of Innovation


Artificial intelligence is slowly, but surely, making its way into our everyday lives. And why not? It has the potential to make better decisions, faster and with increased accuracy. If harnessed right, AI has the potential to be a boon for humankind

While major companies such as Netflix, Twitter, and Uber have adopted AI algorithms & technologies to offer better experiences and services - thus making it mainstream - we often overlook the fascinating developments taking place in the rapidly-growing field.

If this arena interests you, keep a look-out for some of the finest IT events and conferences that draw AI experts from all around the world. The Internet 2.0 Conference, in particular, will walk you through the amazing things that AI scientists and experts have come up with through its multiple keynotes, panels, and fireside chats.

In this blog, we will quickly go through some really interesting innovations taking place in the world of artificial intelligence:

AI Becomes Sherlock!

The merging of forensic sciences and AI - definitely the dream of crime thriller fans! In recent studies, it has been witnessed that AI can assess footprints - a development that can help forensic sciences experts focus on more critical aspects of cases in the near future. Bluestar Software’s artificial intelligence tool correctly guessed the gender of the wearer of footwear (around 90% of the time) as well as the make and model of the shoes to a significant extent.

AI Enters The World Of Food

Imagine F&B brands dishing out new offerings based on YOUR preferences. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this may become the norm soon!

Gastrograph AI falls upon machine learning and predictive algorithms to help F&B brands develop promising products liked by their target demographic. So, if a foodpreneur has a new food product idea in her mind, the AI tool will help to tweak it to suit her target audience’s preferences.

The Doctor Is Here

Very recently, AI played a vital role in the development of vaccines against the COVID-19 virus. It has found a wide range of uses in the medical world. But did you know that AI can play doctor too? It is as accurate as human ophthalmologists at identifying diabetic retinopathy - a leading cause of blindness - simply by looking at images of the patient’s retina. This development has proved to be a life-saver in underserved areas where screening tools are scarcely available. The AI, which was built by Google, was initially used to spot cats, faces, and dogs in pictures and is now being deployed to assist doctors in blindness prevention in under-developed countries. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Internet 2.0 Conference - Bringing AI Trends To You

The future certainly seems to be bright for artificial intelligence. These are just a few of the interesting advancements that have taken place in recent years in the field of AI. To be a part of more wide-ranging discussions around the implications of AI adoption, register for the Internet 2.0 Conference today!

With many sessions focusing on concerns, developments, and shifts in this realm, the Internet 2.0 Conference will also give you a 360-degree view of all the important trends that have the potential to spark a revolution in the global technology landscape. It will take place in the City of Gold (Dubai) and the entertainment capital of the world (Las Vegas) in 2022.