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iOS 16 Security Upgrades Against Phishing Scams: A Review By Internet 2.0 Conference


It is always exciting to get an update for your iPhone or Macbook to explore all the new features Apple offers. So Apple has come up with fresh news by landing its new iOS 16 updates for iPhones.

From lock screen customization to anti-scam features, iPhones’ new update is full of surprises. The experts at the Internet 2.0 Conference weighed in on the anti-scam, anti-fraud and anti-spyware features of Apple's long-awaited update. In the technology summit’s sessions, speakers will highlight how these new features help protect users’ data and prevent scammers from breaking into the users’ accounts. Here are a few of them:

Lockdown Mode

Lockdown mode is a new security feature that temporarily lets users turn off a few functionalities of their iPhones. When you block such core features, the chances of vulnerabilities to scammers are reduced, making it even more challenging for hackers to access your online account.

This anti-scam feature of the iPhone is directed primarily at the at-risk group of individuals, for instance, journalists, activists, politicians, etc. In a nutshell, while the security feature doesn't restrict what you can do with your iPhone, it also makes it more difficult for hackers to access your device's data.

Rapid Security Response

Rapid Security Response is a new feature that enables your iPhone to apply security hotfixes as soon as Apple releases them. It is one of two tracks of automatic updates that come with iOS 16. The goal is to automatically send essential security updates to devices without requiring a full update every single time.

Safety Check

Another new feature of iOS 16 is the safety check. To understand it better, you can compare it to a panic button. In the event of an emergency, like when you feel you are on the verge of being scammed, it enables you to terminate any shared access to your accounts and data swiftly. As explored by the Internet 2.0 Conference this year, the feature has an emergency reset option that enables the user to reset the accesses that anybody possesses to your messages, apps, live locations, or other personal details.


There has been rapid adoption of passwordless authentication for quite a while now, as highlighted at several renowned tech events in the USA. Apple’s passkeys let users access websites and applications using their devices instead of relying on passwords. The idea behind this update came up due to the fragileness of the long-end passwords that were easy to be leaked, misplaced, or stolen.

Copy & Paste Permission

And finally comes the last yet not by any means a minor feature of iOS 16 – copy and paste permission. It effectively blocks applications from accessing the phone’s clipboard contents.

With the iOS 16 new upgrade, you can now choose to allow or prevent pasting.

Although it requires an extra effort, doing so prevents your sensitive information from being accidentally posted online.


So, should you update? Although the current version of iOS has an excellent feel, updating to iOS 16 is quickly advised due to better customization, respectable battery performance, and increased security from scammers and fraudsters. In addition to all the new features you could enjoy, Apple's significant software updates might resolve bugs and other problems from earlier versions.

Moreover, if you are a tech enthusiast and like gathering more such information, you can attend one of the most awaited tech events in the USA, the Internet 2.0 Conference, which covers almost everything in the tech world, including anti-scam practices and cybersecurity best practices!

A social media enthusiast, Megha strives to learn more about how the internet shapes our days, thoughts, and actions today. Interested in cyber security, spam elimination, and other web scams, it is her passion to explore these areas first-hand as a team lead at the Internet 2.0 Conference, where she aims to ensure that every delegate has an unforgettable experience.