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With the Internet 2.0 Conference being an in-person event, we would like to assure you that we are taking all essential COVID-19 protocols and precautions in accordance with the regulations set by the state authorities. Know More


A Closer Look At Internet 2.0 Conference’s USA Edition


Get ready to discover the future of tech and its remarkable applications in various fields at the grand unveiling of the Internet 2.0 Conference’s USA event! Our upcoming tech conference in Las Vegas has generated a lot of buzz, and seats are filling up as we speak.

We expect over 300+ attendees from the tech services, web/app development, AI, ML, robotics, blockchain, IoT, big data, 3D printing, and cloud computing sectors. Within three days, expect to be acquainted with industry-defining trends, products, cybersecurity challenges, and scam detection tactics with the help of highly-renowned speakers who will also reveal how the latest tech trends can be leveraged by organizations across the globe.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything that awaits you at our tech event in the exciting city of Las Vegas:

Cutting edge content: What are the challenges being faced by B2C businesses which are embracing the latest tech services and products? How can tech entrepreneurs bring their tools to market at record time? How can businesses safeguard their assets in the wake of rising scams, fraud, spam, and cybersecurity threats? How will tech innovations influence our lives, our businesses, and our communities in the coming years? These are just a few samples of the questions and the crucial themes that will be tackled at our post-COVID-19 technology conference in the USA.

Connections that matter: Experience next-level networking with some of the most trailblazing minds in the tech services space. By meeting with tech vendors, entrepreneurs, tech professionals, you may hit upon smart solutions to take your business to the next level. But that’s not all. Here, you also get to grow your wealth of contacts which may later prove to be valuable for your career in the tech industry.

At the Internet 2.0 Conference, we know how important networking is for any organization to flourish. That is why we have multiple networking sessions spread across the entire length and breadth of the three-day technology event in Las Vegas.

Explore new tools that can boost your business: Tech innovations and products, such as IoT devices, cloud storage, and wearables, continue to simplify our lives and help major companies enhance their operations. Therefore it makes sense that a major chunk of businesses, both big and small, are constantly on the look-out for the freshest tech tools on the block.

Our exhibition pavilion and exclusive start-up sessions are what you need to watch out for if you seek product demos and vendor meet-ups! Some of the most innovative entrepreneurs will be making their presence felt at the tech conference, so make sure that you walk up to them for your tech adoption needs.

Celebrate the contributions of the biggest tech disruptors: A few luminaries and organizations will receive the Internet 2.0 Conference seal of recognition for their unparalleled work and their passion for offering better services and products to customers, year after year. Get to know about the organizations that are at the frontline, as far as innovation is concerned. Even you could be one of them if you have had significant wins in the past few months!

As you can see, a lot will happen at our technology event in Las Vegas. Have you registered yet?


A 24/7 citizen of the World Wide Web, Shobhit Behal is interested in learning more about how the internet is shaping the way we live, think, and act in this day and age. He is enthusiastic about exploring fraud identification, spam elimination, and internet scams. During his free time, Shobhit loves petting dogs and playing football.