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7 Key Topics That Will Be Discussed At Internet 2.0 Conference 2022


One of the most-awaited global technology conferences of 2022 - Internet 2.0 Conference - will be held in Dubai and Las Vegas next year. The conference will have technologists, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders from around the world who will exchange ideas, learn what’s new in the internet technology space, and network with the brightest minds in the industry.

Internet 2.0 Conference has made a name for itself in the technology realm because it has initiated discussions on extremely relevant topics. The exhaustive agenda encompasses a wide range of subjects that need more attention in the healthcare world. Here’s a list of the topics that will be taken up at the conference:

Applications of AI in Customer Service

The potential of AI is being harnessed in providing faster and hassle-free resolutions to problems faced by customers around the world. Businesses are increasingly leaning on AI solutions to facilitate better customer care by augmenting human professionals or entirely replacing them.

Acknowledging its thrust in different industries in this age of automation, AI experts and businesses will focus on the wide-ranging applications and the implications of adopting such technologies in detail at the conference.

Developments in machine learning technologies

Machine learning is radically transforming the methods and strategies that people employ to do business. A regular feature in industries such as healthcare, pharma, automotive, and telecommunications, it helps professionals make data-backed decisions and improves their efficiency in the workplace.

ML is widely used in small and big businesses to easily identify trends and patterns when it comes to the buying behavior of consumers. In addition to this, it offers extraordinary benefits to society at large.

Keeping this in mind, Internet 2.0 Conference will pay special attention to inroads made in this particular field of study and unlike other technology events of 2022, it will adopt an interdisciplinary approach while discussing the subject.


Offering flexible cloud-based solutions to big and small companies, SaaS is slowly gaining attention worldwide. The model helps SMEs and big giants to deploy solutions across the globe efficiently while being scalable at the same time.

Few technology conferences of 2022 will study this business model and give a 360-degree-view of the field to businesses that want to get ahead of their counterparts.

Digital Marketing

In the 21st century, it’s crucial for businesses to establish their presence online in order to leave a more lasting impact on the minds of consumers. One of the most well-known technology events, Internet 2.0 will host IT experts and digital marketers who will share their knowledge about the latest innovations that can be beneficial for businesses around the world.

Data Security and Cyber Hygiene

Data is definitely the new oil and organizations are investing heavily in security infrastructure that can help them to safeguard their sensitive records and other information. In 2022, the global technology conference will focus on this subject while routing in discussions on best practices that can protect companies from deadly cyber-attacks.


Blockchain technology was developed for bitcoin trading but it is now widely used in different industries after technologists realized its potential. Not only corporate organizations, but even governments and nonprofits are adopting this technology to store and access data in a secure manner. The global technology conference of 2022 will discuss this particular phenomenon at length.

AR and VR

AR and VR technologies are being put to different uses in a host of industries and are providing deeply immersive experiences to users around the world. A regular feature in the gaming, education, healthcare, and marketing industries, these technologies are the ones to watch out for.

Internet 2.0 Conference plans to take conversations on the latest technologies forward by having the world’s foremost thinkers and leaders on a common platform. Covering the entire gamut of subjects trending in the tech space, it is definitely a must-attend event for individuals who want to stay updated about the latest tools and technologies.